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Team: Supramolecular and Supported Chemistry


This team is composed of organic and physical chemists whose area of expertise encompasses selective modification of cyclodextrins, ionic liquid chemistry, separation sciences and  surface functionalization.


This interdisciplinary team focuses his activities on:

1) Development of new methodologies for the synthesis of cyclodextrin derivatives. This group has a specific expertise in the use of ionic liquid for cyclodextrin chemistry.

2) Studies of interactions in solution and on support of functionalized cyclodextrins such as molecular recognition, determination of association constant, speciation, with a specific expertise in electrophoresis capillary analysis.

3) Applications in biomedical and chemical analysis.


New smart constrast agents for MRI


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the most convenient and noninvasive techniques used to visualize deep anatomic tissues. The most commonly used contrast agents (CAs), such as gadovist®, increase the MRI contrast image. Our aim is to develop a second generation of smart molecular CAs able to visualize and to quantify in vitro and in vivo biological phenomena. Theses CAs are based on cyclodextrin (CD) scaffolds and gadolinium (III).


New cyclodextrin derivatives as scavengers of neurotoxic organophosphates


The aim of our work is to synthesize chemical scavengers able to neutralize highly toxic organophosphorus (OPs), compound-based chemical warfare agents, before they reach their neurological targets. Our strategy consists in using β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) bearing one alpha-nucleophile group. The oligosaccharide platform ensures the recognition of the nerve agent. A reactive positioning of the nucleophile against the OP trapped in the cavity of β-CD is then evaluated. These functionalized CDs displayed promising results, efficiently hydrolyzing nerve agents such as soman, sarin, cyclosarin and tabun.




Permanent Members on these thematics:

Géraldine Gouhier (Professor), Organic Chemist

François Estour (lecturer) Organic Chemist

Frédéric Guillen (lecturer), Organic Chemist

Cécile Barbot (lecturer), Physico-chemist

Franck Le Derf (Professor), Organic Chemist

Nadine Machour, (lecturer), Physico-chemist

Christophe Morin (lecturer), Physico-chemist

Nadine Mofaddel (lecturer), Physico-chemist